Inventory Management Programs

Overview of Federal Screw Products

Federal Screw Products, Founded in 1930 as a full-line fastener distributor to the automotive, military, electro-mechanical, and electronic assembly market. Global product sourcing Custom fabrication, domestic and off shore In-house computerized ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Lab Cold headed products along with precision screw machine products Recognized leader as a fastener and class “C” supplier to the Industrial, Transportation, and Military markets

Benefits of Doing Business With Federal Screw Products

  • ISO 9001:2000 certified by Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Approved supplier to government, cage code number 73734
  • Over 78 years experience supplying industrial markets
  • 42% of our business is transacted over EDI
  • 24% of our business is transacted with MRP systems which includes kanban via the internet
  • 35% is in consignment - kanban programs
  • Current inside sales support staff has over 164 years combined manufacturing and distributing experience in the fastener marketplace.
  • Specializes in difficult “part to print” products
  • Works with all levels of, corporate, quality control, purchasing, engineering, and plant managers. 

How the Program Benefits You Federal Screw Products

  • Combined Hard and Soft dollar cost savings of at 10%-24% over most of it competitors
  • FSP Organizes & Consolidates the Management of Your Fasteners, and Supply chain logistics
  • Consignment Inventory Available
  • Reduction and Elimination of lead times
  • Service Levels 99.7% average
  • Reduction of Inventory on YOUR floor
  • Reduce Expediting Time
  • Reduce Tracking Time
  • Engineered savings
  • On-site fastener training

What the Program is: Federal Screw Products

  • While every company is different and requires individual consideration based on its specific needs, Working with a kan ban premise, this is a program that is controlled and managed by FSP.
  • FSP works with production, purchasing, planning, assembly, quality control, inspection, accounting, and receiving.
  • Daily ordering of class “C” parts is virtually eliminated.
  • Custom Tailored packaging and stocking quantities to eliminate stock outs, shrinkage, and mistakes. Reducing your costs and maximizing your resources is as easy as employing FSP- we'll get the right products to Your facility at the right time. EVERY TIME!
  • With the Value-Added Services we provide, you will be able to consolidate your vendor base and reduce in-place costs, enabling you to focus on your company’s core competencies.

How the Typical Program Works:

How the Typical Program Works:

How the Typical Program Works:

  • Consignment Inventory Savings (inventory off of your floor 
  • Consolidated Shipping (monthly) 
  • Inventory carrying costs 
  • Associated costs, such as order reconciliation and control, and invoice processing can add up to 10 to 30%.
  • Improve service levels and time to market by eliminating stock-outs and expiated deliveries.
  • Obsolete inventory is eliminated through design.
  • Increased cash flow

Engineered Savings: Federal Screw Products

  • Product standardization and consolidation
  • Most production shops suffer from inflated costs caused by brand preference due the influence of salesperson or the preference of the mechanic or technician. With Federal’s product standardization program, you can avoid those traditional pitfalls. Our product specialists can analyze your shop’s purchases and make recommendations for products that are equal or better in quality but cost less than most national brands. Product standardization across your entire organization can lower your total cost of procurement.
  • Reduction of misuse of fasteners
  • Developing a “Master Matrix” your Engineering staff will have access to current parts and specifications to reduce adding new parts.

Weekly - Monthly Summary Invoicing: Federal Screw Products

  • Single weekly or monthly invoices: invoicing for all orders and shipments are conveniently consolidated onto one week-end invoice. You will receive one invoice per week; four per month.
  • Authorization: only those employees authorized by your organization are given a unique purchase order number which acts as a permanent blanket order for all subsequent ordering.
  • Monthly statement: reflects all orders within the month. The report shows, by station within the plant, date of product usage, and total order price.

Fastener Application Training: Federal Screw Products

  • Proper Torque
  • Proper Application
  • Materials
  • Heat Treating
  • Plating
  • Use of Lubricants
  • Safety Requirements

Summary:Federal Screw Products

  • The FSP Partnership will insure smooth transition for Consigned Managed Inventory.
  • Parts are replenished at via KanBan premise. 
  • By using FSP, you will be able to focus on your core competencies.
  • Inventory Reduction from 25% - 75%
  • Engineered Saving through standardization 5% - 15%
  • RoHS Compliance on all FSP supplied Products
  • Weekly Summary Monthly Invoicing
  • Fastener Application Training

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