Direct Importing Capabilities & Global Product Sourcing

Federal Screw Products has long been a pioneer in the ever-evolving world of import goods management. We have been managing the import functions for the, small business community and government agencies since 1981. We want to become your Global Partner. We do this by taking the time to understand your specific requirements, assist you where prudent, and save you money.

We have offices in Chicago with liaisons in Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Pacific Rim. We are experienced with sourcing, importing, exporting, manufacturing, contract manufacturing, OEM, product development and private label. We have assisted our customers by reducing their production costs through overseas manufacturers, consolidation of shipments, on-site inspections to ensure integrity and quality ISO standards are met, and a wide range of other services to lower their import costs. Whether you are seeking an overseas manufacturer for plastic injection molding, ultra-sonic welding, stamping, castings, wire forming, or just wanting to import goods for your wholesale outlet, we can assist you. We incorporate the convenience of a U.S. liaison office, (located in Chicago) with the fast and high quality product development in Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and low labor cost, to provide you with the best of both worlds.

We can perform specific tasks on your behalf, or handle all of your import needs. You decide which of our services best meets your specific needs. We have maintained global trade prominence by staying in tune with all of the current trends and movements within the international marketplace. We have an extensive network of individuals and teams possessing skills and knowledge in all areas of international trade.
We have an established record of saving our clients up to 50%, over their current spending.